Matthew is a 22 year old student currently at the University of Kent in Canterbury. He graduates around June 2018 and is looking for job opportunites in the field of communications or web development.

Self-taught in HTML and CSS, he has delved into WordPress and is currently learning more about WordPress and JavaScript. Despite no formal experience, he has a portfolio - feel free to look around.


Email: contact@matthewseary.co.uk
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/matthewseary
Website: www.matthewseary.co.uk


SCSS/SASS: Less spaghetti, less regret-ti

I have experience using SCSS so that your files are optimized, scaleable and easily maintainable.

WordPress: Creating for the creators

Over 30% of the internet runs on WordPress. That's why I've spent time learning how to build and edit WordPress themes in my spare time.

You can see some of my WordPress sites here: Work In Progress: eSports Theme

SVG: Turning code into drawings

The power of drawing inline SVGs allows for flexible, natural designs and alternate solutions.

All the icons to the right have been created with inline SVG as an example.